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9:28 PM

There are three main reasons why I am such a huge Sass & Bide fan.

1) The clothing and accessories are totally wearable, perhaps not head-to-toe, but certainly individual pieces would fit in very well into any ordinary fashionista's wardrobe as part of normal everyday outfits, going out/special occasion clothes or even work attire.

2) Wearable does NOT equal boring or mundane or 'trend'-driven. Every collection features pieces that are uniquely Sass & Bide and also identifiable as such. Certain prints, certain materials and certain cuts are instantly, 'Oh, that's from Sass& Bide isn't it?' There is a certain allure to the pieces which is difficult to replicate. And I love that!

3) Sarah (sass) & Heidi (bide) are two gorgeous designers and inspiring women who are the best ambassadors for their brand, living a wild and free-spirited life while wearing the shit out of their own threads. They're never afraid to push the boundaries or try new things (check the giant ice-cream prop in this shoot!), and I just admire their outlook on life and their success so much!

This resort collection is super futuristic and super pared-back, nothing too fancy but at the same time so effortlessly graceful and strong too. As usual. This is a bold & beautiful translation of pre-Spring wear. I love the contrasts between black & white, and bronze & silver. Exquisite lace, prints and embellishments so signature of the Sass & Bide name appear throughout the collection with a fine balance between edginess & femininity.

Like I said above, these pieces could fit into anyone's wardrobes - there are casual knits & tailored shorts, pant suits & floor length gowns. Always a great range of clothes to pick from, and I've sure got my eye on a few pieces, especially that cute silver embellished t-shirt in the second last pic! :)

You guys can see a few more pics of the Sass & Bide resort over at, I posted most of them but not all. Enjoy this Sunday night inspo, and hope everyone is ready for the dreaded Monday tomorrow!

Night my lovelies,
Stace x x

Pictures courtesy of Sass & Bide


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