All Black E'rrythang Y'all

7:28 PM

Walking around Melbourne these days, things are a lot different to what I used to see. Trends like 'neon' knits, swirling graphic painted dresses, colour blocking and prints & patterns abound around me. But do you fellow Mebournians remember those days of all black everything? When black woolen coats and black skinny jeans and black shift dresses were all to be found as far as the eye could see?

Today's outfit post is an ode to the typical Melbourne black attire - hence the title of this post. I was trying to be a little gansta too...but let's face it I'm an Asian girl who studies classical music and drinks tea. Couldn't get much further from gansta than that!

Sportsgirl bomber jacket, jewelled tee & embossed scuba skirt (still online) | Tony Bianco wedge booties | Sistaco chandelier earrings | Pandora ring

Wearing all black isn't as simple as it sounds, though. It never is. Black outfits require depth and texture to carry off without looking like a funeral-goer or a goth. I picked up this outfit on the weekend - and it was unintentional but all three Sportsgirl pieces fit together so well! The jacket has an oriental style embroidery on it which matches the embossed 'scuba' material of the skirt, and the plastic jewels on the t-shirt add a little sparkle.

The earrings are from Sistaco, see my last post to find out what they're all about. It's affordable jewellery with a conscience. And I'm always trying to be conscious of what impact I have when I buy new material things.

I have a feeling this Winter is going to be another all black e'rrythang affair, despite my pledge to Black Out and where #anythingbutblack during Summer. Despite the fact that my wardobe is probably over 25% colour now, the sniffly-nose, frozen windscreen, bone-chilling wind mornings of Melbourne's Winter is slowly forcing me back into the black depths of my closet; we are creatures of habit, yes we are.

Ugh anyway I'm going to go sit next to the heater now and drink a cup of tea. Anyway, 'til next time.
I gotta bounce, catch ya later homie G.


x x Stace


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