7:45 PM

So here is outfit II for Black Out! Super simple and super cool.
Today was 38 degrees in Melbourne so I thought I'd put on a floaty dress and
tie my hair in a messy bun, randomly added flower in my hair for decoration :)
Op-shop tiered tie-dye dress, Dotti wedges, Forever New bracelets.
This Blackout thing is really making me use all the coloured pieces in my
wardrobe which is awesome, because often I fall back upon the same dark jeans,
black shirt, black shoes etc. I didn't actually realise how much black I relied on
because I had to search for ages to find non-black shoes!
Also I boycotted black eyeliner and mascara instead opting for some blue eyeshadow.
I love it so much I'm defs going to try it again, fresh skin and coloured eyelids suits me.
How was everyone's day? Hope it wasn't as scorching as mine, although I sure am
happy that SUMMER IS HERE!!!! YAAAAY.
x x Stace
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