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5:25 PM

Okay - it's a pretty undisputed fact that many of the "well-known bloggers" are absolutely gorgeous and model-like in their stature, their wardrobes and their make-up. I for one am neither the typical representation of pretty, nor am I photogenic. I thought I'd just show you guys my typical make-up routine for going out.

WARNING: there will be a non-edited photo of my just-woken-up face below...try not to run away :P

Yep, that's me. No edits, no nothing. Just woke up, half asleep, messy hair. As you can see my skin is pretty blemished. I have pimples, red patches, dry lips, and my eyebrows look kinda crazy. So obviously I need to take a few steps to ensure that I don't scare people away with my face. Just kidding! (Sort of...)

First step: Wash my face with a cloth and then QV cream as a moisturiser, I use it on my lips too instead of lip balm.

Second step: Use my fingers to dab The Body Shop foundation on my blemishes & Maybelline finishing powder swept over my face with a brush.

Third step: Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner over the top eyelid and a couple of coats of mascara on the top lashes.

Fourth step: (most of the time I don't do this, only for parties etc.) some eyeshadow, this one is Luview.

Once all that is done (about 10 minutes in my case) ...this is what I look like.

Wait, I better do a little comparison so you can see the difference.

Left: before shot. Right: After shot.

My skin is still not flawless, as I only put a light layer of foundation on, but overall my face looks more bright and energised and my eyes are opened up :)

Voila that is me! I'm nowhere near perfect but I make do with what I have.

What do you guys do for skin-care? Do you wear make-up day to day? Or are you photogenic/have nice enough skin not to have to wear any? If that's the case I'm very jealous!

Happy weekend lovers.

x x Stace


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