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So who's seen the recent Kmart ads on TV? I did and I have to admit I was surprised. In a pleasant way. Aside from the annoyingly boppy dance track used in the ad, it's a big step up from the previous not-fit-for-wearing-out reputation that Kmart's clothing once had (well in my opinion anyway). Perhaps I'm a little biased because I work there and I know what type of people shop there. ANYWAY. Check it out.

What did you think? Not bad huh. Not to mention that Kmart does have astoundingly low prices. This is likely due to the fact that they exploit cheap labour in economically less developed countries...but I digress. Enjoy my uni outfit, & my crazy hyperactive jumping around, these clothes were appropriately bought from Kmart with my employee discount (if that doesn't tell you how much of a poor uni student I am I don't know what will!).

Kmart knit, pants & boots. Sportsgirl sunglasses. Yves Saint Laurent ring.
Seven Autumn Leaves handmade necklace.

Had a nice play around with a Canon 600D which I "rented" from Maribyrnong Council. I'm part of a short journalism workshop/course for young people at Phoenix Youth Centre. Check it out! I'm thinking of buying one of these cameras for myself - I found it pretty nifty :)

Does the ad above and my post make you want to shop at Kmart? To be honest I usually don't condone unethical standards within the fashion industry and would much rather support local labels and sustainable/organic production, for example the necklace I'm wearing. It was designed and made by my lovely friend Sevan Manjikian of the blog Seven Autumn Leaves. It's such a dilemma for many of us (I speak for myself) to pick between what is "affordable" and what is "right".

Have a read of this article from Kmart's latest news and Wall Street Journal's article on fast fashion to read some of the issue behind buying cheaply made/unethical clothes and also the recent tragedy for a factory in Bangladesh.

Also notable is this repoter from CBS News' undercover expose of a Bangladesh garment factory. Harrowing stuff and fuel for thought!!

What are your opinions??

Have a happy weekend all!

x x Stace


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