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Sportsgirl ex-boyfriend tee
Sportsgirl knit (HALF PRICE ATM!!!)
American Apparel riding pants
Nike free runs
Pared Eyewear cat-eye sunglasses

There are some items in my wardrobe I just can't live without during the Winter season. This cropped fluffy jumper makes the cut this year, I seriously cannot stop wearing it! A nautical stripe tee is my trans-seasonal go-to (so many hyphens!) for layering & peeking out from under some outerwear. I pretty much am wearing my staple pieces for the past few weeks, rounded off with my beanie I got from work, my AA riding pants and of course my Nike frees.

I've been away from the blog, let's just say lost motivation for it. I'm kinda getting sick and tired of seeing mediocre outfits/online shop promotors/people who get sent designer threadz getting 1000s of likes and the really unique people who wear vintage or wear the classics not being noticed at all.

Btw fyi my blog is just an amateur thing, not trying to make money off it or get sent free shit, not trying to call myself a stylist. K thanks.


Hope your Monday has gotten off to a good start! I woke up sick, and work cancelled my shift bleh. But HAPPY B'DAY to my gorgeous mumma & at least I had a day off to recover.

x x Stace
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