I'll give you a ring ;)

7:02 PM

I'll give you a ring ;)

E L L E R Y long dress
$750 - shopbop.com

Biker jacket
$140 - topshop.com

170 AUD - tonybianco.com.au

MAC Lipstick Lustre See Sheer
$21 - click4beauty.net

Simply adore the Samantha Wills ring above - it's such a
statement piece, but versatile enough to wear in most situations,
from a work meeting (maybe?) to out on a dinner date!
The reason for this little polyvore collage is a competition
that Westfield is running at the moment to win $1000 worth of
Samantha Wills jewellery! Excitement! I seriously wish I could
afford the Ellery dress in this little collage...

Ugh can't believe I'm at home Friday night...think I might go out
later just so I can get dressed up and party! I'm seriously turning
into a housewife since moving to this little cottage in South
Yarra. These days I see no reason to venture further than my
well-stocked up kitchen and my cosy bedroom complete with queen
size bed (plz don't judge me) :)

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?

x x Stace


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