Sketchy business.

8:43 PM

So. My exams finished yesterday. I'd like to say that I ran out of the Royal Exhibition Building screaming and waving my arms wildly about, then partied all night and drank til I forgot all of the stuff I'd crammed in...

But what happened in reality is I sat at home, and sketched. Oh I'm such a hardcore teenager. Hahaha.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these! I've got some pretty pictures for you in my next post, and I'm in the middle of actually organising free shit for my followers. Wew.

ALSO; I entered this mad competition to win a trip to LA, I had to style an outfit and here it is...tada...

Please click here and 'like' my link via Facebook, would mean a lot to me :)


PS. Follow me on TWITTER cos I'm totez getting on that hash-tag shit and @tagging thing... #abouttimeyouloser

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