Gucci Spring 15

10:31 PM

I am goddamn obssessed with this collection. Like what even. It's a beautiful fusion of 70's chic in burnt orange, deep red and olive green, inky navy and top-to-toe leather/denims. There is such a classic European style and confidence that just exudes from these outfits. I wish I could just whirl around Milan or something in all of this stuff.

Gucci is known for their vintage-y aesthetic, but you know what? They pull it off. They make cropped pants and jeans, neck-tie scarves, laced up shirts and woven brown belts look cool and new and awesome. It's super sophisticated, and super sexy.

I mean seriously. That first red dress is just...I can't even.

Well done Gucci, I applaud you 👌

x x Stace

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