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Tony Bianco - 'BRAVE'

Tony Bianco - 'DAYTON'

Winter is officially here; first and foremost, this means boots season for me! I don't know whether it's the tough and ready-for-anything vibe they give off, the way they click, confident and loud, when you walk along the street or maybe I just like being able to stomp around without fear of breaking my shoes...but boots have always been my favourite type of shoe.

The two pairs above from Tony Bianco (seriously, what a man!) have really captured my heart this year. Top pair; sold by the chunky heel and the cute shaped gusset. Not to mention that the tab pull-on style brings me back to Grade Prep when little brown Chelsea boots were the only shoe I'd wear. The second pair? Tassels, studs and shiny leather - 'nuff said.

Does anyone else share my love of boots? Which are your favourite types/what are you going to add
to your collection this season?

x x Stace

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