2:54 PM

MINKPINK tiger dress
Sportsgirl body chain/earrings/bracelets
House of Harlow starburst ring
PARED eyewear cats-eye sunglasses
Windsor Smith ripple sandals
Thailand bag

This week, Melbourne has decided that it is rejecting the fact that it is April, and nearing the middle of Autumn. Like seriously, it's 31 degrees. What is wrong with this world? It's too hot to wear anything besides dresses and sandals, and I guess I'm not complaining - this is swimming & ice-cream & sunglasses weather and that's what I have been taking advantage of!

Loving the combination of tribal pom poms on my bag and the tiger print on this little bodycon dress. This is literally my favourite bag now, I bought it at the markets in Koh Samui, Thailand and now I wish I'd bought it in a few more colours and sizes! Dreaming of cocktails and jet-skiing ahhhh. The dress is a little short, but oh well a little bit of bare leg never did anyone any harm ;)

I'm trying really hard to keep my outfits interesting instead of always wearing basics, like striped tees and boyfriend jeans, that's pretty much my uni staples. This dress has sat in my wardrobe unworn, I was inspired by Lena and Frockled to wear some unusual/neglected items, thanks girl!

Do you guys find yourself straying the the same pieces of clothing over and over? I think it's an easy trap to fall into.

Happy Tuesday err'ybawdy!

x x Stace

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