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Fresh flowers are ACE. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. Who doesn't love a vase of petalled colour and sweet scent in their house? And who doesn't love frolicking in a field of floral fun? (Alliteration FTW!) Oh...I guess people who have hayfever don't like it that much. Sometimes that is me, actually. I will sneeze like there's no tomorrow if I get any pollen up my nostrils, but hey! I still love picking flowers and having them by my windowsill. I suppose the next best alternative is wearing a floral print on my threadz. So here is a post of yours truly, wearing floral shorts. And, shock horror, hot pink. Surprisingly since I did Black Out last year hot pink is a favoured colour in my wardrobe!

These pictures are from Wednesday when I hung out with my lovely friend Ash. She helped me take some snaps of my appropriately 'floral' outfit in a little park called Suffolk Triangle near my house, which used to be an empty patch of grass. The locals in our area managed to get some council funding and now it's a great park where some local oldies play lawn bowls and dogs can play :)

Wish frill camisole
White Suede floral runner shorts
Ripcurl thongs
Aacute earrings

So this outfit is full of colour, and texture, but it's actually really simple. Basically I'm wearing a singlet, shorts and thongs. Classic Australian attire, right? :P Like I said in previous posts, simple pieces which are easy to wear, yet really unique, are things I look for in my wardrobe. I definitely will be using this post for lots of outfit repeating over Summer. I don't think it's such a crime really.

Hope everyone has had a great week! Not too much hayfever I hope... *ahhh-choo!*

x x Stace

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