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After many years of experimenting with clothes, shoes and accessories, I find that the simpler the outfit I wear, the more comfortable I am. So I guess I tend to gravitate towards clothes that are simple, but have some point of difference to them that I can just mix and match again and again.

This skort is one of them. At first I was hesitant to wear a skort because of the crazy popularity of THAT Zara wrap skort...I'm not usually the type to 'follow' with the majority. But the more I look at it, the more I realised how the wrap skort design is perfect for my wardrobe.

1) It's got a layer of shorts underneath which means I don't have to worry about flashing people inappropriately or windy days.
2) It's sinple, but the wrap part at the front makes it a little bit different and less plain.
3) It's so easy to put on and it's baggy and comfortable.

So ta-da! I bought mine from eBay for $6. As you can see in photos the quality is rather crap, but what its worth I don't mind that much. Knowing trends and fashion, it'll be out of style in another few months anyway.

eBay wrap skort, similar here, here & here
Wrangler t-shirt
Windsor Smith boots, similar here
Thrifted backpack
Samantha Wills ring

BTW - all white outfits are cool, but don't go to a restaurant and eat a burger in white. You don't even wanna know what happened when I did that...stains e'rrywhere! HAHA.

Happy weekend everyone.

x x Stace



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