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It has been a busy few weeks! I've had heaps of 21st birthdays on, all of my friends from school are turning 21 (just like I did!) and I have barely had a weekend to just chill out. Not that I'm complaining, there is lots of yummy food & cake to be had at parties! The weather has also been heating up which is super lovely. I wore this outfit to a 21st last Saturday night, thought I'd share it with you guys.

Sportsgirl bomber jacket, ASOS crop turtleneck, Minkpink skirt, Mimi Loves Jimi brogues.

The colour of my ASOS crop top is burgundy, well that's what I call it. But apparently the proper 'fashion' name for it is ox-blood. Descriptive. And evokes interesting things in my mind. But anyhoo, I love red and I love the way the floral skirt goes with the crop. In my opinion crop tops can be tasteful as long as you're not wearing really low-riding jeans or hipster skirts. Muffin tops are evil!

Have a good week everybody. Back to uni this week *sigh*.

x x Stace



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