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People on this Earth seem to have mixed emotions about crop tops - I think it's one of those 'love it or hate it' trends which pops up time and time again. I'm a big fan of the crop top but I do have certain conditions - no muffin tops being one of them. I also prefer for bellybuttons to be covered up, unless you're a supermodel or at the beach. Some people think it's vulgar to show your abdomen in public while others find it really edgy and cool. I tend to err on the side of caution and make sure I'm wearing something high waisted if I dare to go the crop.

Fairground rabbit cardi\\Sportsgirl scuba skirt\\Jeffrey Campbell wedge sneakers\\Sistaco spider ring & necklace

It really helps my confidence too to have a snuggly rabbit cuddling me while I prance around in a tiny little crop top. I can hide away my skin and also keep my exposed bits warm! Fairground makes the greatest cardigans ever. I'm enjoying Melbourne's warmer Spring days but the weather is pretty much bi-polar as usual so layering is my friend. A very good friend.

It's the start of another week & already busy & I am almost done with uni for the year! Hallelujah.

x x Stace



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