Black & Neutral.

7:44 PM

Went to brekkie with Em at a cute little place near my house, and she helped me take some snaps :)

Stacy: Target aviator jacket, Dotti knit, Forever New maxi skirt, Diva necklace + rings.
Em: Forever New parka, Quirky Circus knit, Portmans?? jeans, Wittner boots.

Somehow whenever Em & I finally get the time to catch up, it seems to involve some form of eating!
...not that I'm complaining! Em came to my neighborhood this time, we went to a cafe in Prahran
called Is It Cafe. This place had a lovely, homey feel to it, because it is actually inside of a house
on Izett St, Prahran. The cottage has an open feel and the service is great - very personal
and friendly. Our meals were also pretty damn delicious, I had something called 'Salmon
Squeak' which unfortunately I do not have a photo of...

Also - I've noticed I'm becoming quite minimalist in my wardrobe - lots of blacks and neutrals
have been featuring in my outfits, and I've been selling heaps of stuff on eBay too. I guess it
comes with moving out and my life changing and blah blah blah. I like it :)

Also just been on a lovely weekend with the boy to Lorne - we only took my old Canon SLR so
photos will not be appearing until I can be bothered developing the film...

Hope everyone has been enjoying the (relatively) cheerful weather in Melbourne recently, it's
nice to see some sun at last, even though it's still pretty cold.

x x Stace

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