12:16 PM

Yay! Winner announced! And my face...

SO, I made this video on Friday but didin't have time to upload it.
I am so freakin' awkward, like what am I even doing with myself?!?!?!?
I ended up going to ze boy's dinner and didn't make it to my housemate's :(

But yeah, thanks everyone for entering and stay tuned for more giveaways -
I love to share things with my readers :)

Ohhhh & Aleen from The Dark Horse is also offering a 10% discount code off your next order to all of the people who entered, so use the code TEEFAME when you check out for that. I'm deffos gonna take advantage of it!

&& I finished exams. && there are gazillions of sales on - Ksubi, S&B, The Iconic, Sportsgirl, Dakota 501, One Teaspoon, My CatWalk...I have a feeling my bank account is gonna be violated. Uh-oh.

Sweet, hope everyone has been doing well and I will be back to regular posting nowww :)

x x Stace


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