staple + stylestalker.

4:00 PM

Stylestalker teen spirit dress (from Dakota 501) / Staple the Label knit jumper (get it @ The Iconic)/
Alannah Hill thigh-high socks / Tony Bianco (old) suede wedges
Beginning Boutique ring / Chanel peridot nail polish

Finally easing into Winter - it's a bit of a love/hate relationship for me.
On the one hand I hate the wind and the rain and the cold - I've always been
a music festival/beach/ice-cream/carefree picnic-ing sun-lover..but on the
other hand snuggling up in bed with a cup of tea and a book is my ultimate
luxury, & I'm in love with Winter fashion and layering and scarves and boots!!

This outfit is one of my faves - it's comfy as hell AND acceptable to wear out ;)
Got the black stylestalker dress from dakota 501 on Chapel St, I live basically
a 5 minute walk from that store and they stock the most incredible pieces...
which is awesome but also really, really bad :/

Oooh & & & I bought my first Chanel nail polish - it's peridot which is a gold
with a greenish tinge, it's really hard t describe! Great quality of course,
but actually I find the gold to be a little tacky. I'd prefer a matte gold.

Eep, well anyway I am pretty much almost officially on holidays, just a piano exam
to go on Tues (the 19th) and then FREEDOMMMMM. I'm going to Queensland booyeah.

x x Stace


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