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11:08 PM

Neuw nude pleated skirt, Thrifted glitter denim jacket, Miss Shop Myer white tee,
Dotti boots, Diva necklace +bracelets, Sportsgirl sunglasses + rings.

I'm in love with this Neuw pleated skirt - the pleats don't wrinkle even when I
sit down for two lectures in a row, and the colour is so easy to match with
literally ANYTHING. It's super comfortable and works just as well with a
singlet in summer or a knit in winter. This skirt is utter perfection.

Uni has also been hectic, with assignments slowly piling up. I was shattered that I missed out on Fashion Week, especially since I now live in South Yarra, one of the best suburbs in Melbourne, and I'm so freaking close to EVERYTHING! Oh this is my first outfit post in my new home, awwww!!

I'm on break for a week now, so hopefully I can do more posts and show you some of my recent purchases!! Which is a lot. Haha. Even if I'm poor from paying rent and buying groceries. Oh dearrrr...

But yeah, I've had no life hence the lack of posts, I'm seriously turning into a housewife :/
So what has everyone else been up to?

x x Stace


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