Uni outfit #1

9:44 AM

Target cotton blazer, $1
Forever New crochet tank, $30
Lee Riders black jeans (eBay), $25
Sportsgirl necklace and ring
ASOS cream buckle-up wedge, about $30

Sooo...finally finished my first year of uni. Seriously, I have one week to cram
like 12 weeks of work into, and 2 exams in 3 days.


Anyway, this is what I wore to uni last Wednesday.
Yes it took over a week for me to post up the photos I took.
Yes I know I promised to get back into blogging.
This Summer, this time I SWEAR I will haha.

PS. Reached 300 followers, so I'll have to do that giveaway I've been promising
for the last bajillion years.

Stace x


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