8:00 AM

JEM2S - Jose, Em, Mich, Mimi, Stace!

Inside joke with my Spec. teacher and my two Spec. buddies :)


Love this one, my babessss.

jem2s again, ah my best friends for life.

My form group, since Year 7 :) ^

So here are photos of my lovely Year 12 formal. More than a week late, but better late than never! Sorry about the shitty quality pics - they're mostly from Facebook and the profesh ones are just previews. I just couldn't wait any longer to show you guys, haha.

My dress was from Myer, on sale (woohoo!) and the label is Stella. I love purple, so fell in love with this dress immediately. I did my own hair and make up too, it didn't turn out too bad. Great night, great people!

On another exciting note: Alannah Hill package arrived - thank you Clear It for the $250 voucher!
Sneak previews of my two amazeballs dresses coming up soon bebz :)

Have a good weekend, darlings.

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