Floral. Leather. Denim.

11:06 PM

I still haven't got all the formal/party pics of the weekend's festivities from my friends yet, so this will have to do :)

vintage floral shirt - mum's; DIY cut-offs - savers; shiny new heels - lipstik from myer; leather jacket - friend's sister's haha!

I'm so tired; only a week and a half til holidays, wooot! I will defs post my formal photos by then, I promise!!! I went shopping btw, and nearly bought this amazeballs black dress, all grungey and with sleeves and a low back that showed off my curves in all the right places ;) Damn expensive though, ahhhh so undecided as to whther to buy it or not! I shoulda taken pics to show you all, ah well.

Also, I might post a few more pics of this shoot, what do you think?
It's up to you guys, my readers, of course. I mean if you don't like it I'll just leave it as the one photo. Check out the nifty little hype button thing too for lookbook. Hype if you like :)

Love you guys, don't forget you can follow on bloglovin', mmk?


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