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I'm sure everyone is filled with warm, happy sappy love today if they have a significant other. I got roses from my loved one (and loved ones) as you can see above, and yummy brekkie, awwww! My school also had a cake stall and we were selling the most gorgeous heart shaped biscuits and cakes!

And if you are single, you should be pampering yourself. I mean, if you don't love yourself, who else can?

Nod your heads in agreement, guys.

"But 'New Year'?", you ask. "New Year's Day was over a month ago!"

No, no, I'm not going crazy; it's Lunar New Year today! The very first day of 2010 according to the moon. I had a fantastic time last night at Dragon Boat restarant with family. They had "lion dances" and (mediocre Aussie style) Chinese food and heaps of festive spirit, not to mention those red envelopes filled with money - time to go shopping? ;)

I also wore a really old red tartan skirt of mine - $6 from Dotti years ago!
According to mum, red is a lucky colour so I dug it out and in the end it didn't look too bad teamed with a vintage denim vest and tights!

Whew, what a busy weekend! Valentine's Day plus Chinese New Year!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Stace x

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